BlackBerry Certicom

Security Builder® MCE™

Software Cryptographic Module for Micro-Controller Devices

Security Builder® MCE™ provides the cryptographic primitives required to create a trusted platform for microcontroller devices. This enables wireless networks of devices that can be uniquely identified and allows data to be securely sent to and retrieved from all devices. In addition to symmetric encryption, Security Builder MCE allows you to integrate key exchange and digital signatures based on elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), the only public-key scheme capable of meeting the footprint and power limitations of these constrained devices.

Public-key based operation distributes intelligence in the network, giving each node the ability to validate the identity of other participating nodes. This enables networks that are scalable, fluid and easily reconfigurable, setting the stage for an array of new and innovative applications to drive sales of your microcontroller devices. Security Builder MCE allows you to differentiate your products for higher value applications where security is critical, and to drive the adoption of wireless microcontroller networks.