BlackBerry Certicom

Cryptography and Key Management Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Protect vehicles by securing the supply chain

Each component in the automotive supply chain can offer potential attack surfaces for a cyber adversary to exploit and must be protected.

  • Secure multiple distributed sensors, actuators, and systems essential to advanced assisted driving
  • Securely manage keys; protect sensitive communication and software updates for in-vehicle networks and backend systems   
  • Secure information flows between vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) by ensuring trusted V2X communication

The BlackBerry Certicom Solution

BlackBerry Certicom’s cryptography and key management solutions ensure the authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of data and software running on in-vehicle ECUs and associated back-end management systems.  

Asset Management System

Prevent and detect component counterfeiting using cryptographic personalization during the component manufacturing process.

Public Key Infrastructure Platform

Meet custom certificate and life cycle management requirements of embedded devices by issuing certified device identities to support component authentication and security applications.

Code Signing Key Management Server

BlackBerry Certicom’s code signing key server enables Tier 1s and OEMs to sign and secure their device software with traditional or quantum resistant cryptography, protecting signing keys with a hardened key management server. This enables a robustly secured device boot chain.

SCMS Platform

Certification Authority (CA) service designed to address the V2X needs of OEMs, Tier 1s, road operators and smart cities. Demonstrated interoperability with various vendors and supports policies required for WebTrust ™ certification.

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