BlackBerry Certicom

Security, manageability, and reliability solutions for IoT systems

The “T” in IoT should be “TRUST”

As millions of “things” connect to the internet or private industrial networks, each one of them presents an opportunity for hackers. To establish trust in an IoT deployment, the solution provider must be able to authenticate the devices and protect the data. 

  • Trust the sensors and “edge” devices connecting to network gateways and cloud hubs
  • Protect the data and control streams from bad actors
  • Build and deploy systems that are easy to manage, securely, as part of an automated provisioning process

The BlackBerry Certicom Solution

With security expertise since 1985, and over a decade of experience in IoT applications, BlackBerry Certicom solutions provide end-to-end security between devices and IoT platforms. 

Our secure personalization, PKI, code signing, and key management platforms can be used together or in stand-alone deployments to ensure that:

  • Sensors and actuators connected to IoT networks and their code are authentic
  • Sensor data and control information has not been tampered with
  • IoT operators can provision devices, detect counterfeits, and block or quarantine tampered or stolen devices  

Championing public key infrastructure (PKI) as a key technology to underpin IoT security, BlackBerry Certicom helps to improve the security, manageability and reliability of high-scale IoT systems.

Asset Management System

Prevent and detect component counterfeiting using cryptographic personalization during the component manufacturing process.

Public Key Infrastructure Platform

With over 120 million IoT device certificates issued, this platform provides a “chainable” trust bootstrap with device birth certificates that allows IoT platform operators to secure, on-board and configure authentic OEM devices in their networks.

Security Builder SDKs

Secure your applications in a variety of embedded operating environments, using embedded software libraries and sample code already deployed in numerous applications for hundreds of millions of devices.

Code Signing Key Management Server

BlackBerry Certicom’s code signing key server enables IC manufacturers and OEMs to sign and secure their device software with traditional or quantum resistant cryptography, protecting signing keys with a hardened key management server. This enables a robustly secured device boot chain.

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