BlackBerry Certicom

Certification Authority Services for Secure V2X Communications

Standards Compliant, Interoperable and Trusted

BlackBerry Certicom’s Security Credential Management System (SCMS) services for securing vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2X, communication are based on industry technology standards and trust service principles. Our SCMS platform is built to IEEE 1609.2 and CAMP specifications and offers trusted security credentials to vehicle OEMs, Tier 1s, road operators and specialty service vehicles from secure BlackBerry infrastructure.  

As the early innovator in the deployment of ECC-based PKIs for resource-constrained devices, BlackBerry Certicom invented the core concept of ECQV certificates which now underpins message authentication in IEEE 1609.2 based V2X communications.  

Our services are designed to scale cost effectively to the highest performance levels required to issue the hundreds of billions of vehicle certificates anticipated with broad adoption of V2X technology. The platform has also been architected to allow certain components such as custom Pseudonym CAs to be deployed in customer premise environments for high volume OEMs who want to streamline vehicle V2X module production.

Developed to BlackBerry’s stringent security, reliability and interoperability standards, our SCMS service platform aims to promote the rapid adoption of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) that are both secure and interoperable. BlackBerry regularly participates in interoperability testing and demonstrations at the OmniAir Consortium’s industry interoperability PlugFests.

Turnkey Services with Custom Integration Options

BlackBerry Certicom provides a complete, standards-compliant credential management platform for V2X applications, including the following services as prescribed by CAMP SCMS specifications:

•    Enrolment Certificate Authority (ECA)
•    Registration Authority (RA)
•    Pseudonym Certificate Authority (PCA)
•    Linkage Authority (LA)
•    CRL Manager
•    Policy Generator   

A full range of SCMS services allows OEMs the freedom to run production systems, smart city pilots or technology trials using industry standard interfaces.

BlackBerry Certicom supports integration with future national or trans-national SCMS infrastructure or on-premise OEM or Tier 1 manufacturing systems and offers simple options for on-boarding small customers in early stage deployments.

We also offer the ability for OEMs to host dedicated PKI components in BlackBerry’s cloud for future migration to on-premise environments, enabling OEMs to optimize manufacturing flows for high volume production. Additional options are available to streamline on-premise module enrolment and initial service provisioning between module production and vehicle assembly.

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