BlackBerry Certicom

Secure provisioning solutions for the semiconductor industry

Manufacturing governance, brand protection, and new-feature enablement

The semiconductor manufacturing industry requires high-speed provisioning of chips with traceability and anti-counterfeiting, in addition to re-manufacturing and early failure detection. As modern chips increase in complexity and performance, the ability to selectively enable features allows chip makers to dynamically manage SKUs.   

  • Production provisioning flows must be designed for high-performance automation
  • Each IC must be tracked through multiple development cycle milestones - including processing, testing and packaging - in a global multi-vendor supply chain
  • Chip failures, counterfeiting, and theft must be detected early to reduce test time, warranty costs, and revenue loss
  • Security must be “designed in” from the ground up with secure IC personalization.

The BlackBerry Certicom Solution

Field-proven and used by global manufacturers today, BlackBerry Certicom offers a comprehensive infrastructure solution for semiconductor companies to manage, secure and control manufacturing processes in an outsourced environment. 

  • IP and Brand Protection through secure key injection and manufacturing governance
  • Provision root of trust for downstream device manufacturing & secure life cycle
  • Dynamic Feature Enablement through just-in-time feature provisioning and virtual SKUing
  • Yield Improvement through timely, accurate, and secure reporting of multi-point yield data
  • Immediate cost savings and future revenue enhancement
Asset Management System

Prevent and detect component counterfeiting using cryptographic personalization during the component manufacturing process.

Public Key Infrastructure

Meet custom certificate and life cycle management requirements of embedded devices by issuing certified device identities to support component authentication and security applications.

Code Signing Key Management Server

BlackBerry Certicom’s code signing key server enables IC manufacturers and OEMs to sign and secure their device software with traditional or quantum resistant cryptography, protecting signing keys with a hardened key management server. This enables a robustly secured device boot chain.

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