Zigbee Certicom Device Authentication Service

Zigbee Certicom Device Authentication Service

Certicom's certificate-based authentication quickly and efficiently prevents unauthorized devices from accessing restricted services.

The need to authenticate devices accessing networked services is on the rise as businesses strive to prevent unauthorized devices from gaining access to restricted services. Device authentication can reduce both service piracy and cloning of customer-premise equipment. 

The Certicom Device CA makes it fast and cost-effective to embed X.509 certificates into any electronic devices such as cable modems, set-top boxes, Digital-Cable-Ready televisions, or WiMAX-compliant subscriber stations. 

Certicom provides device manufacturers with a turnkey solution for generating batches of digital certificates and private keys through an easy-to-use Web interface. The service is completely hosted at Certicom’s secure data center - manufactures do not need to master X.509-based certificate security technology or invest in expensive infrastructure.

Highly Scalable

With the capacity to issue over 100 million certificates per year, Certicom® Device CA can grow with your business. Only Certicom can idevice_ca_zigbee_smart_energy_profile_certification_practices_statement.pdfssue highly secure, highly efficient certificates based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC).

Secured Facilities and Personnel 

Leverage Certicom’s expertise, saving the cost of recruiting, training, and maintaining in-house support personnel. 

Fast and Easy-to-Use Hosted Service 

Certicom’s Custom Device CA presents quick activation turnaround and an easy to use interface for certificate request and download


Certicom provides Certificate based Authentication for both X.509 Certificates and as part of the ZigBee Alliance for Smart Energy.

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